Monday, March 30, 2015

Overall Historical Account

By Jaden Scheibeler

Like I've said, American Sniper is a real historical account. All of it's content is accurately portrayed based on true events.

Chris Kyle - American Sniper
Chris Kyle was really a SEAL and he was defiantly a legendary one. He saved lives as well as taken. His memorable sacrifices and will to drive forward no matter what situation he was in made the story a very interesting one indeed. He was deployed in the dangerous places of Iraq and his story is very well explained painting a picture in the readers mind every time. He did kill many insurgents but just for the very reason of them wanting to kill his band of brothers. Many of his stories of saving other men and women made him an inspirational and strict leader.

His story accurately showcases the shady areas as well as dangerous in Iraq. Many of his descriptions of Iraq are accurate and detailed. His explanations of the hot torturous weather really give his story dimension making you fell as if you are right with him. He defiantly and accurately shows the hard journey through battle in a way only a SEAL could. Just the setting alone in his book describes his accurate meaning of the novel and this alone could be a story in itself. For that I give him credit. As many others can't do that.

Friends of Chris
As for the characters in his book, he did explain the tough times in loosing friends as well as told about meeting new ones. The way he painted the picture in you mind was amazing because it really makes you want to be involved in his story and understand where he is coming from. All of the men he met were real SEALs or Army based men. Although he masked most of them to keep their identity a secret, they were still real men who were involved in Chris's life. The insurgents that he talks about are real Iraqi soldiers that do try and kill american soldiers. So I can say that he does in fact portray the characters in his novel correctly.

Lastly, the time period that Chris was in rolled in is a very crazy time for America. He does explain the horrific event of 9/11 and he does it very accurately all the way from the plane hitting to him immediately returning to base to defend America. When he was deployed in Iraq it was also a tough time because it was the first and early stages of America trying to maintain the dangers of Iraq. Many battles were in forced and many fire fights took place. Towards the end of Chris's years he explains how Iraq slowed down and was definitely a lot more simple tasks at that time. His description of the equipment are very accurate to the "out dated" technology that they had back in the early 2000's. I think it was very interesting how he in depth described the certain equipment with a whole segment to paint the picture. So for the most part, he very welly describes the time period and the conflicts of his battles.

Overall American Sniper remained true to historical account. He established correct descriptions of the setting of Iraq as he explained the dangerous cities and small population. He accurately describes his characters and the friends as well as the enemies. And last of all he descriptively gave a well thought out explanation of the time period of himself in being a seal. All in all the novel of American Sniper is a very good story and is very historically accurate.


By Jaden Scheibeler

American Sniper was a very true story about a Navy Seal and his journey through battle. In that journey he met a handful of people all the way from instructors to his wife Taya.

Chris would really go into detail on how he portrayed his buddies and family. He would go into to depth describing their goofy features but great personalities. Many of these characters are real based to historical account. He did have these friends with him to guide him through the tough battles he faced. Although he masked their names, they were still real people in Chris's life that meant a lot to him.

Image result for iraqi insurgent
As for the enemy of battle, they were true to historical account too. Insurgents were a huge factor in trying to kill american soldiers. As many of them did, many of them fell trying. Insurgents were men who basically followed in the foot steps of Saddam Hussein. Many of these men went to kill these soldiers with no fear and some succeeded. The point is, insurgents were real men based to historical account.

Chris's Family
The last historically accurate characters I'd like to talk about is Chris's family as in Taya and the kids. Yes, they too meet the requirements of being historically accurate. Chris was married to a women named Taya and they soon did have two children. Taya was always there for Chris like a wife should be. She would calm him when he would get tempered and cheer him up when he was sad. They were a very happy family with a bright future.

In conclusion, although some of the men and women's names were disguised, they were still real to historical account.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


By Jaden Scheibeler

Chris Kyle in the Middle of a Fire Fight
Chris Kyle's American Sniper takes place in Ramadi, Iraq in between the time of 2002 - 2009. During this time was the time when Kyle was deployed in Iraq fighting wars and taking down insurgents. The troop 3 (the troop he was deployed in) was in Iraq at this time making the event accurate.

Like I've stated before the way Chris Kyle explains the hot arid climate/weather is very accurate compared to the vast hot conditions of the "real" Iraq. Many of Chris's descriptions of the weather and the towns in Iraq can really paint a picture in your mind of how the scary and dangerous land may be. His explanation and the way he tells his adventure makes you feel as if you are right next to him scoping down a insurgent and waiting for the green light to take him down.

In the years that Chris Kyle was deployed in Iraq many conflicts between Iraq and America were present. It was believed that Saddam Hussein was targeting America with explosives and deadly toxins that could kill millions. Many soldiers were sent to Iraq to protect the Iraqis that were loyal to America and to detect and uncover any possible nuclear, toxic, etc. things that could harm the world. Even though some Iraqis seized help many were followers of Saddam. The mission for the Americans were to kill anyone that was a threat. This was one of the many situations that many soldiers had encountered when deployed in Iraq.
Iraqi Town

Another accuracy that was accurately portrayed in the book is the description of the small towns with compact living areas that varied from 1 to 2 stories. Many of these homes could carry 1-3 people considering the small space. Many of the cities that Chris was assigned to take over these little cities along with his fellow SEALS. The step by step procedure of the take over shows the delicacy of the work they do. Many would safely lead the loyal Iraqis to safety and ask them to leave in order to perform the following procedures. Then the ones that weren't would typically be held hostage or killed. The main point is that the explanation of the towns are very accurate to actual towns and houses in Iraq.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Time Period

By Jaden Scheibeler

American Sniper is a real historical account. All of it's content is portrayed accurately based to true events.

Chris Kyle's American Sniper takes place in the time between 1996 and 2012. Overall the author accurately incorporates the elements of the time period correctly.

The technology that was incorporated into the story was accurately portrayed to the technology used in this time period. Chris Kyle explains the uses of G.P.S in his story which is what many people have used. He goes into detail on the uses of navigating through the Iraqi towns and maneuvering through various wars in order to continue to be in one piece. Another historical account that is incorporated accurately in his novel is the use of walkie talkies. Chris incorporates the experiences of calling for back up and communicating back to head command. This is one example of a historically accurate account that was portrayed.

Another historical accuracy that Kyle correctly explains is the setting of the Iraqi towns. Many descriptions of the rough arid climate and hot dusty setting that was explained by Kyle is very accurate to the real conditions of Iraq. Many of Kyle's mini-stories of going through the cities of Iraq really go into depth with great description from the rugged 2 person houses to the glorious Emergency Office. Many of his writing pieces are very historically accurate with no way of an inaccuracy and there's little to no way to prove it incorrectly.

The last accuracy based from my research I noticed that the gear that Kyle would typically wear would be similar to the ones that was explained in my research. Considering a lot of time has passed from the time he was in service to the time now, many upgraded gadgets were added and modified to greater standards of a war in 2015. Other than that minor flaw everything else is historically accurate.